• Oral Precancer: Dentistry's New Gadgets

    Jerry Bouquot explains the different degrees of severity of dysplasia and its implications in oral precancer. He also presents new technologies and gadgets for

  • Endodontic Emergencies Diagnosis and Treatment (Part IV)

    Samuel Dorn continues to speak about endodontic emergencies; now, he focuses his attention on avulsion and fracture of the alveolar process. Dorn provides the

  • Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment (Part III)

    During this conference, Samuel Dorn speaks about dental traumatic injuries. He begins by sharing important information and statistics about the most common

  • Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment (Part II)

    Samuel Dorn, as a continuation of his presentation on endodontic emergencies, provides advice for college students who are about to conclude an academic cycle,

  • Oral Mucosal Viral Infections: A Clinical Expedition (Part II)

    On the second part of Jerry Bouquot's presentation, he lectures on oral mucosal viral infections, describing and illustrating diseases such as chickenpox,

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Odontólogos residentes que finalizaron su Maestría en Rehabilitación Oral y Odontología Cosmética presentan Tesinas

Dr. Marco Antonio Castro Título de Tesina: Opciones Protésicas para la Rehabilitación de Implantes Dentales Asesor: Dr. Luis Grisolia

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