Operation Re-Dentulate Central America


A large population becomes edentulous starting from a young age in Central America.  Due to this, a large percentage of Central Americans have extreme maxillary and mandibular atrophy later in life. 


The focus of this humanitarian effort is to “re-dentulate” the edentulous and soon to be edentulous both by training Central and North American doctors on Extramaxillary Implants and the “graft-less” approach to help their own people, but also by the direct supervision from our world class ORCAA faculty. ORCAA is backed by the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala.


ORCAA has educational opportunities for foreign dentists/surgeons. In addition to didactic lectures given by ORCAA faculty, options are;


1) Operating trainee (First operator and First Assistant alternating cases)

2) Observe in the ORs/Second-Assist


Each operating trainee will be performing full arch surgery or first-assisting all day for 5 days.

-Complexity of cases may vary.

-Techniques used will be in the patients’ best interest


Techniques covered can include:

>Zygomatic Implants

>Pterygoid Implants

>Palatal Approach

>Trans-Sinus Implants

>Trans-Nasal (Z-Point) Implants



Our collective goal is to “re-dentulate” 30 patients (60 potential jaws) in the 5 days operating, biannually to start.


**All patients will have proper post operative care as well as temporary and final zirconia restorations via digital workflows**


Doctors proficient in Extramaxillary Implants can apply for faculty positions

Inquiries for training can be sent to,

The ORCAA Director – Dr Eldad Drori at orcaa.surgery@gmail.com

*Spaces are limited

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